NGA Education: School Leadership Hot Topics

Episode 7: Dr. Cortney Rowland on Principal Professional Development

June 28, 2019

In this episode, Dr. Cortney Rowland, the senior technical assistant consultant at the American Institutes for Research, shares the primary findings of her 2017 report, Principal Professional Development: New Opportunities for a Renewed State Focus. SHe also discusses the levers that governors and state policymakers can use to not only develop a strong pipeline of effective school leaders, but also continue to build upon the capacity of sitting principals.

About the Podcast

Please take a listen to the new NGA Education School Leadership podcast series! On School Leadership Hot Topics, nationally recognized education experts share their knowledge and insights on strategies and promising practices for advancing school leadership policies and priorities at the gubernatorial and state level.  Please also check out our earlier school leadership webinars that specifically focused on how governors and state education chiefs in Delaware, Louisiana and Tennessee are working together to improve school leadership in their states.  For additional information and resources on principals and school leaders, please visit the Wallace Foundation Knowledge Center.

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